About Me

I am a creative design professional based out of Sacramento, California. I specialize in branding and communications but my experience and talents extend into many other disciplines of design. Through this diverse set of skills and experiences, I have managed to establish myself has a resource for creative thinking within my local professional community and often consult companies and brands on visual communication and marketing strategy.

I attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco with a focus in graphic design. I am big advocate of multidisciplinary design which is why my portfolio includes works in branding, print, web design, interior architecture, environmental design, photography and package design. I like to experience as much as possible and enjoy a good challenge whenever the opportunity arrises. I also believe in giving back to the community and that is why I have often volunteered my time to various community related projects as well as participating as a guest speaker at a couple educational institutions to talk about design related topics.

For the greater part of my design career, I worked as an independent-contracted designer taking on various types of projects. In 2010, I collaborated with designers Alex Trujillo and Jon Nutting to form Umbrella Haus. You can read more about Umbrella Haus on this blog post. (Hanging Up My Yellow Tie) As I continue to embark on the journey of my life and career, I find myself more interested in the integration of design thinking in the business. More on creative design thinking here coming up on my next blog post.