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How To Avoid The Ugly Blame Game

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The Ugly Blame Game - Will Rodriguez
Over the last couple of months I’ve observed some serious PR disasters related to negligence by an employee. In some cases, it resulted in customer backlash via social media; in others, tragic accidents cost people their lives. None of this is new but what I have noticed is a surge in companies playing the blame game. Read More

My 2012 Reflection

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As the year whines down and I take a moment to reflect on everything that has passed, I can’t help but think of what a monumental year this has been for my development. It’s so easy for one to get wrapped up in the bad things that may have happened, and although I sure did have my share of them, I’m taking those experiences as lessons for improvement and wisdom. Similar to My 2011 Reflection, this year was definitely full of new lessons to learn.
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Hanging Up My Yellow Tie

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After a year of collaborating with Alex Trujillo and Jon Nutting, the umbrella has officially folded closed. It’s been a great year with a lot of positive experiences and lessons learned. The educational value that I personally have received from this experience is truly priceless and has helped mold me into a better person and a more business savvy entrepreneur. Although it saddens to me to be departing from a company that we worked so hard to build, the opportunities that have opened up to us is a true testament to the success of our overall goal. So how does something like closing down a business, which most would associate to failure, become a success? It starts with an idea. Read More